My Healthy Lifestyle Journey

After I received my second Stitch Fix and nothing fit well, I was a little down on myself.  I’ve been carrying an extra 20-30 lbs for years and made some good progress before I got pregnant.  But, I obviously gained it back.  I stopped nursing Hallie in November and have gained 7 lbs since then.  Around the same time, I started working from home.  I feel like I’m constantly racing the clock to get things done before I have to pick up Hallie from daycare, so there is no time for exercise.  I’m moving less than I’ve ever moved before and  I’m the heaviest I’ve been IN MY WHOLE LIFE (not counting pregnancy).   Something has to give.

So, on Monday, I joined Weight Watchers and I’m excited to start what my dear friend called a healthy lifestyle journey.  I’ve made this commitment before and gave up after a few weeks, but not because it didn’t work.  It was because I like really unhealthy food and have very little willpower.  I need for this time to be different.  I want to set a good example for my daughter and I want her to be proud of me.  I don’t want her to grow up to hate vegetables and want to order takeout every night like I do.  I also need to do this for myself once and for all.  I want to feel comfortable in my skin and look good in my clothes.

I think one thing that has really prevented me from being successful in the past is that I really don’t/can’t cook.   If Michael comes home and doesn’t feel like cooking, I need to have some healthy backups that don’t require too much effort so I don’t cave and order takeout.  But, I’m not going to eat a salad for dinner…ever.  I don’t mind a side salad, but I just can’t eat lettuce for dinner, no matter how much other stuff comes with it.   I’m hoping to get over this someday.  I also need to carve out time to exercise in the mornings before I start working.  But, I know myself.  I get very overwhelmed if I try to do too much too soon.  Therefore, I want to start off slow.  My goal is to start with 3 days a week and move up from there.

If you’ve been successful in weight loss, please tell me your secrets.  Share your favorite snacks, easy recipes, workouts… etc.  I need all the help I can get!

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