Thank you, TJ Maxx.

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I haven’t been to TJ Maxx to really shop for clothes in several years.  Something about having to go through all those racks seems so daunting.  But, I decided to make it a priority on my day off a few weeks ago.  My entire spring wardrobe consists of two different long sleeve striped shirts from the Gap Outlet that I have in several colors, and they really don’t even look good on me.  They’re just super comfy.

So, off I went.  Two hours and 26 pieces of tried on clothing later, I walked out of there $94 poorer with four new items to hang in my closet.   I’ve even worn three since then!

Item 1: Kenneth Cole New York.  Original Price: $68  Paid: $24.99

This one is the first thing I tried on and although it’s a little big, I immediately liked it.  It will look great with a colored cardigan over it or by itself with a colored statement necklace in the Spring.  I’d pair it with colored shorts or skinny jeans in the summer.

Item 2: Andrea Jovine Workshop.  Original Price: $68  Paid: $19.99


I liked this one in the dressing room, but just wasn’t 100% positive I should buy it.  So, I did what any other girl would do – took a selfie and posted it in my Facebook fashion group.  Everyone encouraged me to keep it, so I did 🙂

Item 3: Max Studio.  Original Price: $68  Paid: $24.99

I really needed a white or cream colored shirt to go under all my colored cardigans and this one was perfect.  When I wear this, I’ll probably put a colored tank underneath and a matching statement necklace.

Item 3: Designer Unknown.  Original Price: $79  Paid: $24.99


This sweater is amazing.  I love the coral color and the material is silky and soft.  I have the tag, but cannot read who the designer is.  I’ll post a picture of the tag below.  Please let me know if you figure it out.  The sleeves are a bit long on me, but I tend to push sleeves up anyway, so I don’t mind one bit.


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